Passion For Freedom

by Downstream

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Lukáš Bandura
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This is a record we we´re tryin´to put out for 2 years and now its finaly here....If you´re interested in meaning, jus open every song and in credits you can find explanation of every single song, or just message us. Its all about love & hate, peace & war, hardcore & "hardcore" and of course about screaming just to stay alive. Its 100% DIY record made in our little reherseal room. Fuck expensive studios - we´d rather keep money for tour ;) And yeah, we love The Carrier and we miss them, and its our big inspiration!


released August 4, 2013




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DOWNSTREAM Trenčiansky kraj, Slovakia

Five openhearted punks making noise or whatever... its not about music anyways. We´re not a hardcore band.

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Track Name: Dhalailama
On the horizon
watching sunset above the city
and there´s nothing new
living for eating
not eating for living
givin´up health, for money

then buyin´ health back again, to live
and dying without living
fighting with untouchable
people are unbreakable

i see us pounching the mirrors
but breaking ourselves
breaking ourselves
again and again
again and again

did we stood too long in the front of mirror
or we just need to feel anger and pain?

i see us pounching the mirrors
but breaking ourselves
again and againô2
and then we´re down in the dust
praying for love and trust

i see us pounching the mirrors
but breaking ourselves
again and again


This song is a kind of reply to Dhalailama spoke about what´s the funniest thing about humanity.. They give up health to get money, then.... they find out that they´re too sick... so they buy health back again... for money, then they´re so sick of not living... so they are trying to live as much as they can.. In the end they´re so fucked up that they don´t even know where to go... Confusion, fear, desperation...dust....prayin´ for love and trust....
Track Name: Heart: For Sale
Lets go to hardcore show
in the backstage, smoke and snow
tables full of merch
empty words on stage
stolen music, stolen lyrics
nice clothes and noses up
everything´s fucked up

lets grow up
where´s the honest message
friendship and a smile of joy
i wish i came back to the times
when everyone was friend
and in the club we were
impressing and teaching each other

now people like, you
oliver sykes and hes imperium
imperial shitting
fucked up everything
acts like they care about the scene
but their pockets are full
i won´t be a part of this
cuz my heart, is just, business for them

now people like you
imperial shitting
you don´t care about the scene
you just care about what you wear


I wish i could dedicate this song to the guys who´s about..., but i guess people like them don´t like hardcore music even they say they do.. And that´s it - this song is about guys who are supporting bullshit-clothing-shitty-brands... for the guys who come to the show just to buy a t-shirt without supporting promoter, for the bands with noses up in the backstage... this is a hatefull song from peacefull band. we´re not haters, except that...
Track Name: Mutton
I won't be one of spectators in this theatre
judging and despising
whole life throught the eyes of movie critic
i refuse being a part of this

go to school - WASTED YOUTH
obey the law - SCARED OF FANTASY
get married - BE LIKE EVERYBODY
get a job to pay debts of your state
dont speak a lot and say i am free

only death fucking fish, swimm with the stream

this ridiculous game, called following sheeps, to this little fuckin pen
just break down these walls
dont let em hide you from reality, disinterest into something more
behind the walls of your living place, one day you´ll find out
that you´re just another meat TO THE WOLVES

its so easy to live in your world!
but what is that life good for?

i refuse to be a machine
i refuse to be like everybody


We´re living a theatre, everyone, we´re critics or actors, we give or we steal.... Take, accept, wait for another... Living in a pen and waiting for the day when gate will be opened... And behind that wall hunting begins... That´s not realy the way of life i like cuz i´m wainting for something more in my life..
This song is very simple: its about people that know how to breathe, but not to live...
Track Name: Champion
ALONE, standing in the dark
running against the crowd
fighting to the win
against myself
im the only one
in this world
and only i can change my destiny
my precious life

no one can do for you
not jesus christ, not uncle sam

when i broke through this crowd
and looked back behind me
i saw no barrier
there was no crowd
only my own fucking traces

i dont need their religion
its my life its my decision
i´m not scared to go to hell
cuz i have been already there
and when my legs will be too weak
my heart and my mind keeps me on the deck
two steps forward one step back

no one can do for you
not jessus christ
not uncle sam


Two steps forward, one step back... and that´s how i walk throught life... I don´t need to have god or bullshit that doesn´t exist just because of people need to trust something, well if they do... they should trust to themself... you´re god! A powerfull earthling.. You can create, you can love, you can feel, you can learn, but just for yourself... And no one can do for you what you can. Not even god....
Track Name: Passion For Freedom
I was a child lost lost like a sheep
with no idea how to live my life
but when i´ve came here for the very first time
whole world i discovered
different feelings of different places
but the same feelings on the different stages
different faces but familiar is everyone
love the sound of aplause when i´m gone

jumping, screaming, and yelling, saying from the heart what i feel

no matter you´re down or up on the stage
look in my eyes, stare me down and sing
no mater collour of your face
who cares about your age
we´re playin for haters
breathing for lovers
living for friends

from the street to the club
nowhere else

and in the end these 20 years wasn´t a wasted youth
cuz we found something more to live and love


I was fifteen when i was on the hardcore show for the first time... Every child in school was just kiddin´of me like: „how can you still visit shows like that? What you see there? I dont understand cuz i know only Lady Gaga“ ...i´ve never found words to explain what i feel there, but i was like,,... „dude: you´ll never get it...“ I know that hardcore is really about comunication, about connection, but i was fifteen... So i went throught these times... and now i have a band dude...lots of things was changed... lots of people are gone now... everything is different, but now i understand a lot more... Thanks to all that things what happened i have a lot of experiences and i can explain what i see on hardcore shows: for me it´s a place where i meet guys who always feel the same as me, for me its a place where i can feel like home for a while, it´s a place where you can share memories, views, experiences with guys who understand you. This song is about peace in the front of the stage, or on the stage, no matter what colour of face you have... no matter how old are you... we´re family!
Track Name: Poisoned Apple
When your kids look up to you
what do they see?
i´d rather close my eyes
and imagine someone better

after years of growing
your son has diamond liver
bottle of wein in the right hand
and a syringe in the left
and your daughter
fuck her´s cousin on the backseat
for twenty dollars to buy another cigarettes
fuckin´ cigarettes

don´t let your children rule the world
our mistakes ruined everything
who´ll keep this world as place for living
dead end is near

how can you bring a child
into this world of indifference
how can you bring a child
into your already ruined life

dead end is near
posioned apples
with bombs against society
beautiful miracle we built
and that miracle is our dead end
and that miracle is our dead end
Track Name: Pure Hate
„Forgotten, deaf´n´blind
but unbroken soldier on my own
i am... i hate...
the war... i wage...“
can you remember last words of your son?
before you´ve get that letter
saying he´ll never come back
what you felt?

useless war we wage

hero is everyone
who wakes up in a morning
with a fact that he enter just another fucked up day in this fucked up world
to enter the darkest void
to see only what i want

i wish i was blind to enjoy this live
Track Name: Scream
Maybe once, i´ll find
the other way how to survive
but now i have to scream

waking up
in the morning
and to know that this day will be worth it
is a gift i tought i´ve lost
cuz the only i have left
is this life and these screams
this life, and these screams

I love this life, more than smell of the air after rainy day
i love this life, and i love the pain
broken legs and i can hardly breath
but i feel more alive than yesterday
hoping for tomorrow

maybe once, we´ll find
the other way how to survive
but now we have to scream
to put this pain from the inside out


Another song about screaming just to stay alive, sometimes... when there´s no performence of our band, or any show... i feel kinda sick and i really need this medication. At the shows i´m screaming as fuck, i´m crying, i´m laughing, i´m falling on the ground, i´m beating my head with mic, i´m lookin´ like i´m dead - and thats exactly what i need to remind myself that i´m still alive...
Track Name: Shadows
On the highest hill
stand a tree so proud
nothing more to see around
but faces i love
dear marli
i decided to went astray
cuz i see love, somewhere else

i left my heart on that hill, blinded by the eyes of fox i followed
and when i reached another hill, carrying the weight of the world
still looking in the front of me, NEVER LOOKING BACK
she was still too far, and kept running away from me

so i´ve said to myself:
„i´m givin up
i´m not your slave, and you´re not my addiction anymore“
home is where the heart is
home is where the heart is
home is where the heart is
On the highest hill
stood a tree so proud
i can see my home
but its different now
i stood in the shadows
near to my doors

haunted by the question: „can i turn around and go back home?“
followed by shadows taking me away
i travelled thousand miles, saying that same all the time
after that i did for you, after all that indifference
i was born to do to live my life, and now i´m gonna die
but, i want my life back, I WANT MY LIFE BACK
please take me back
take me back
take me back
take me back... home


This song is about finding home, deciding, forgiving, i had a relationship with a girl in a lifetime when our band was just formed, and i was about to move out of the country and fucked up with my band... I didn´t knew that this band one day put out this record, i had no idea about anything... There was a really big decision making at the moment... And now i know that i went on the right way.... Everything is exactly how it should be.. I´m happy, she´s happy, everyone´s happy....