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released 21 July 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads
her hands are tied to the pipe of heating on the wall
while sitting on the floor, she created world
and now she´s watching its own fall....
......i see an old man with a whip in his hand
in her eyes he was already damned
but it was her choice to loose
since the moment she DRAWN FIRST FOOLS
a pin in her mouth i see is the only thing that makes her stay quiet
wise words, but in the end i´m just standing there watchin her still cryin and prayin: „dear god help me“
but it was Mother Nature, who created world
and its mother nature lying tied on the floor
but its human who can be called a god
and its human who hold this whip
Track Name: 21 Years long road to happiness
too old to cry, too young to die
i´m gonna do my best to survive
closed in a chocolate factory
writing another chapter, finishing my story
21 years long road to happiness
ends in a fucking factory
sad old man & angry students
sweaty clothes, filth under nails
6 days a week, 12 hours a day
get your so called „payment“
read here my statement:
run the fuck away
is it a knife in my hand?
or is it a microphone?
i ran away with my chocolate Money
to a place where they hear my scream
where they listen to spoke of my dreams
where i can feel.... FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY. FREE!
Track Name: Fascism is nothing but capitalist reaction
we know your cash is stronger than us
connection between your troops, is stronger than ours
how many politics or business motherfuckers promised honor to you?
but your washed brains won´t allow you to fight by yourselves
majority against minority, stop playin hide´n´seeeeeeek!
"rasizm based on inability of ordinary man...
...who can´t take his life in his own hand
still searching for the easiest target
to put his anger out on so called „black nigga filthy faggot“
i dont give a fuck that you was born on south"
if you wanna fight – you better be more brave
if you wanna kill – you better kill yourself
if you wanna clean – you better clean your brain
- from all those 1945 ideas
time has come today
like-like activist became a real terrorist
dont put up the white flag yet
we´re not defeatist
Track Name: The Square of Peace No.14
They used to share one room
in apartment on The Square of Peace 14
while he was cooking dinner from her dream
she looked up to the moon
throught the rooftop window
where sinner made her widow
i knew he´s gonna die soon
i watched them both
i saw him fell in love
with lonelyness and silence
last chance to dance with sadness
last glance over the fence
to remind this endless violence
he was restless
cuz of this unbelievable emptyness
suggesting him to finish this endless crazyness
.....poor man loading the gun
climbing over the fence
getting ready to run
when she is gone
gun was turned on her
and he said:
„no worries, this world is better“
„now you´re alive and i´ll keep suffer“
now she´s alive
and he´s still death
for what he did
i believe my best days are behind me
letting so called life get me down on my knees
let me die, then see you back on the square of peace